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Business Transition Planning

Most business owners eventually face the challenge of either selling their business or transferring ownership to family members or to a management team. We can develop and implement a custom succession strategy that maximizes your tax advantages and helps you reach your personal financial objectives. We provide advice and expertise throughout the entire succession process to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

We can provide you and your family with succession solutions based exclusively on your specific needs and goals. Take advantage of our broad range of expertise and access to resources including investment banking services, mergers & acquisition services, and specialized tax strategies.
We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services including:


How to successfully exit from your company
  Evaluating “keep” or “sell” strategies
  Family transfer techniques
  Creating valuation strategies to maximize shareholder and family equity
  Reviewing shareholder agreements and funding strategies
  Designing key executive compensation and retention plans
  Stock valuation discounting techniques
  Developing a plan for management or heirs to acquire the business in the event of death
  Negotiating the buyout of shareholders who no longer wish to be associated with the business, on a tax-favored basis
  Pre-sale and Post-sale planning
  Coordinating document preparation with counsel

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