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Capital Asset Management

Our Capital Asset Management Process was developed to assist our clients in the efficient management of their equipment and real property as time spent on such activities detracts from our client’s central focus - growing their businesses.


Certain capital management functions impact your company’s bottom line, but managing this impact detracts from your company’s central focus.

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following, we can help.

Yes No Would you like to assess and evaluate your current ownership/lease of real estate?
Yes No Are you planning to expand or contract your current real estate plant?
Yes No Do you need assistance monitoring your personal and real property taxes?
Yes No Would you like to maximize the tax effectiveness of your depreciable assets?
Yes No Do you need assistance with reducing and managing your utility expenditures?

For more information on The Valens Groups' Capital Asset Management, please call us at 856-234-3338 or email us at: