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Estate, Income & Asset Protection Planning

Estate Planning

We can help you develop and implement a custom Estate Plan that attempts to maximize your tax advantages for yourself and your business while providing sufficient liquidity to cover estate taxes and settlement costs for your family. Even if you already have an estate plan, many events can trigger the need for a review or additional estate planning. Periodic reviews of your estate plan could prevent a major issue from developing in the future.

We are familiar with cutting-edge estate planning opportunities for business owners and wealthy families. In addition to dealing with complicated issues associated with intergenerational planning, our firm has assisted with the implementation of estate planning strategies such as:

• Family Limited Partnerships
• Grantor-Retained Annuity Trusts
• Personal Residence Trusts
• Dynasty Trusts and other Generation-Skipping Transfers
• Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
• Charitable Remainder and Lead Trusts
• Private Family Charitable Foundations
• Private Annuities
• Asset Protection Trusts

With the Valens Group, you, your business and your family will enjoy an individually tailored Estate Plan based exclusively on your specific needs and goals.

Income Tax Planning
We work with your business and your other tax advisors to deliver comprehensive tax strategies that are integrated with your overall plan. Taxes can be a major obstacle for businesses and wealthy families in achieving their financial goals. Our creative tax strategies focus on you and your business.

Asset Protection Planning
Asset Protection Planning is the process of organizing your business and personal affairs so that your assets are protected. The concept of asset protection has been around for many years and businesses and wealthy families have always structured their holdings to insure that their assets would remain intact and inviolate as it passed from one generation to another.

In recent years, the threat of lawsuits, business reversals, divorce and actions by government regulators has made every business owner, property owner and professional acutely aware of the need to create some form of asset protection. The asset protection plan must accomplish its primary purpose of sagely insulating and preserving business and family assets from any kind of attack. If a structure is not properly established within the appropriate time period and within the correct mechanisms in place, the hoped for asset protection features will not be available.

We have extensive experience is working with asset protection strategies including domestic and foreign trust strategies, ERISA strategies and offshore techniques.

With the Valens Group, you, your business and your family will enjoy an individually tailored Asset Protection Plan that will be coordinated and implemented with the other pieces of your business and personal plan.

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