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Whether your goals involve your family or your business, insurance can be an important part of your long-term strategy. These strategies can become more complex by the very nature of insurance contracts. Insurance is probably the most purchased least understood product on the market. When you combine the different types of coverage you can own to solve the complex issues facing your family and your business, it is understandable why many families and businesses have gaps and overlaps in their insurance planning. Insurance markets are inefficient. This inefficiency leads to arbitrage opportunities that we can exploit for the benefit of our clients. Insurance pricing and underwriting becomes an art and a science and you need professionals that understand the industry.

We offer the advice, guidance, coordination, implementation and administration to protect your family, your business and your wealth against threats and unforeseen circumstances. Our team can take your complex insurance programs and make them understandable.

“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci

We will first determine your needs and goals with respect to all types of insurance including, life, disability income, long-term care and risk management. We will not only analyze your current insurance plan but we will recommend new creative solutions for your long-term insurance needs, identify providers to solve your insurance needs, and coordinate the implementation of the new insurance plan.

The Valens Group, LLC is an independent insurance brokerage firm specializing in the placement of insurance products serving the needs of high-net-worth individuals, families and businesses.

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