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What is the key to your company’s success?

At the Valens Group, we know that your success depends upon the quality and dedication of your key employees.

Building a strong management team is essential to your company’s prosperity and long-term survival. But as regulations tighten and business dynamics shift, companies can find it increasingly difficult to compensate executives through traditional plans.

We specialize in helping you attract and keep talented professionals through executive benefit programs that are designed to meet your company’s goals. We have years of experience in developing plans to keep your top executives’ benefits competitive and keep key professionals on your team.

The Valens Group provides:
Plan Design
Financing and Security

What is unique about us?
Our ability to service clients throughout the entire process of plan design, implementation, financing, security and administration. The steps we will take to ensure that your plan is the best solution for your organization include:

Discovery. During our Discovery Process, we will assist you in identifying your corporate objectives and the key factors motivating your top executives.

Design. Based upon your requirements, we will design new plans or modify existing programs to meet your financial goals and keep your organization competitive.

Implementation. With your approval of the plan designs, we will recommend benefit financing options and security devices that are tailored to your organization’s financial objectives and executives’ security needs. We will implement your plans, from handling communications with your executives to arranging plan financing and documentation.

Administration. Spanning the life of your organization’s benefit plans, we will oversee our Third Party Administrator’s (TPA) administration process. The TPA’s main objective is to ensure accurate record keeping and plan viability.

Just as your company is committed to quality, The Valens Group is committed to providing you with the superior service that you deserve, from plan design to implementation.

A Wide Array of Plans

We can tailor plans to meet your company’s specific goals and objectives.

Executive Benefit Plans

• Analysis
• Design
• Implementation
• Financing and Security
• Administration and Record Keeping
• Communications

Prototype Plans (Plan types include):

• Deferred Compensation Plans
• Defined Benefit
• Non-Qualified and Excess Plans
• Death, Disability and Executive Long Term Care Programs

Financing & Security

• Act as facilitator for trusts, implementation and administration.
• Advise on analysis, review, products and process
• Broker for funding and life insurance solutions


Plans only make sense if properly communicated, reviewed and administered. We act as a liaison between the client and the selected Third Party Administrator. The Valens Group recognizes:

• The need for executive plan outsourcing
• Executive benefits require special skills
• Participants are demanding
• The need for scalable resources

For more information on The Valens Groups' Nonqualified Benefit Planning please call us at 856-234-3338 or email us at: