Who We Are
Our Mission

Our Founding Principals


Who We Are?

The Valens Group is an independent consulting firm serving the planning needs of closely held businesses, the business owners and executives, and affluent families by providing comprehensive and integrated business transition planning, merger & acquisitions planning, qualified and nonqualified benefit planning, estate and income tax planning, asset protection planning, and group benefit planning advice that is sound, consistent and objective.

Our Mission
To assist our clients – closely held businesses, the business owners and executives, and affluent families – in attaining their maximum financial, business and personal potential through our expertise by independently guiding them through the wide range of options and strategies available to them in today’s complex world.

We strive to build ongoing relationships based on the highest levels of integrity, service and performance.

Our Founding Principals
Our firm was founded on three fundamental principles:

1. Objective Advice: The Valens Group is completely independent and owned solely by its principals. Our allegiance is solely to our clients. Many advisors are owned or affiliated with specific insurance companies, financial institutions, corporate conglomerates or banks which may create a conflict between serving the interests of their company versus the interests of their clients. As stated, our responsibility is to our clients, alone.

2. Process Focused, NOT Product Driven: When serving our clients, we focus on the solution process, NOT product sales. Once a solution has been determined, we can assist in selecting the product(s) suited for our clients’ goals and objectives.

3. Integrated and Experienced Team Approach: Our high level of client service is based on our team approach. Our client team members are highly qualified and experienced, allowing us to target issues and provide tailored – not cookie cutter – solutions.

By leading our clients through our strategic planning process, we strive to accomplish the following results:

Peace of Mind: While working within our structured process and with our experienced team, our clients develop the peace of mind that their goals, issues and objectives are being addressed properly and efficiently.

Time Savings: Our fully integrated management process and superior level of client service allows our clients to reallocate the time they spend self-managing their complex financial affairs to other more desired areas of their life liking running their business.

Enhanced Control: Our approach focuses on educating and empowering our clients to ensure that they feel confident and in control of the decisions made.

Efficiency: Traditionally, business owners use several advisors each within their separate disciplines to solve complex issues. The Valens Group crosses many of these disciplines which allows us to quarterback the planning process and streamline the work of the advisors saving you time, effort and money.